The Chip SID Show

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Blasting SID beats from the arse end of a Commodore 64!

This website hosts all of the episodes of the Chip SID Show as created and presented by Max Hall on Radio Free Matlock. They were originally hosted on Mug UK’s website, but this is the new home (as of 1st November 2022) with its own personal domain. This website was also done by Mike Mee.

There is a Facebook page where all the latest news appears first.

We also have a Twitter presence (or Twatter as Max prefers to call it!) run by Richard Tappenden.

Once a new set of episode downloads are available, we send out the good news via both the Facebook and Twitter accounts and Jackie does the YouTube videos.

For a full breakdown on what happens for each episode, check this page out: Who’s behind each episode?

Not that we’re saying that the majority of the people involved are old, but the only “hip” part of this website is the replacement kind!

Back In The Old Days

The episodes were originally hosted via a combination of two cloud solutions – Dropbox and Box – but the shows were only available in MP3 format. This was purely due to the file sizes of the original FLAC versions that Max supplied.

In April 2019, after 9 shows were published using the above methods, Mike got his arse into gear and created an ‘official’ page within his website to host the shows.

In October 2022, he upgraded the site to have its own reet & proper domain and storage space. We should have enough space to store a few more years’ worth of future episodes, as well as the existing ones.

A Quick Preview

The Retro Engine released a quick 10 minute preview of an example episode back in February 2020.

Max Hall’s Chip SID Show C64 Demo

In August 2021, Max coded and remixed a classic tune for a little demo, so grab it from this link. Or view it below 🙂


Max was interviewed back in 2019 by the Commodore Format magazine (the unofficial online version).

More interviews are in the pipeline, but we can’t give out any details yet …